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All students enrolled in an initial teacher education course, (either undergraduate or postgraduate) will be expected to sit and meet the standard of the test prior to graduation. Some higher education providers may also require you to sit the test as part of their course entry requirements. In addition, some states and territories may require successful test results to complete your final practicum or to register and be employed as a teacher.

You should contact your higher education provider and the teacher regulation authority in your state or territory to confirm their requirements. The Australasian Teacher Regulatory Authorities website ( provides links to the state and territory teacher registration authorities.

There will be multiple opportunities to sit the test in 2017. Please check the Register page for information on test windows and test dates.

Please note: If you have sat the test three times and you have not met the standard, please contact your institution to discuss your available options. You are not eligible to re-sit the test without prior approval from your institution. Please see the Re-sit page for more information.

Latest news

Results for the first test window in February/March 2017 have been released.

Registrations for the May/June test window closed at 5pm AEST on Tuesday 2 May 2017. The test window will be held from Wednesday 24 May to Tuesday 6 June 2017.

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Teacher Ed Test sample questions

Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students Assessment Framework