Test Centres

Test centre locations for the 2020 test windows are listed below. If you wish to sit the test in a test centre, please take note of the availability in the table below.

While all listed test centres are expected to operate as scheduled, some locations may be subject to change. Any updates to the 2020 test centre schedule will be published on this page. 

Please take note of the following important information for 2020 Test Window 3:

Due to COVID-19 government and health regulations and restrictions, 2020 Test Window 3 will only operate in all capital cities and via remote proctoring.  Final year students are encouraged to register early in the registration period (7-20 July) to secure their place in the August test window and select the most appropriate time for their sitting.

COVID-19 Safe procedures at test centres

  • All candidates are required to register and provide contact details at the test centre.
  • All candidates are required to have their temperature checked at reception.
  • The following candidates will not be admitted to the test centre:
    • have recorded a temperature of 37.6°C or more;
    • display symptoms of illness;
    • have been tested as COVID-19 positive or are awaiting results of a COVID-19 test;
    • live in a postcode that is under Stage 3 Stay At Home restrictions;
    • live with or have had close contact with someone who has confirmed or suspected COVID-19; and
    • have been or are under quarantine in the last 14 days of the test day.
  • Test rooms and breakout areas have been adapted to allow for comfortable spacing and will operate in compliance with COVID-19 health regulations and social distancing requirements between candidates.
  • Signage is visible around the venue to remind candidates to follow COVID-19 safe practices.
  • Hand sanitisation stations are located at suitable locations for use by candidates.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces are undertaken at the test centres.
  • Surfaces including computer equipment in the test rooms are cleaned and disinfected after every test session.

Further advice will be provided on this website prior to registrations opening for Test Window 4 for 2020. ACER’s intention, subject to COVID-19 restrictions, is to open all capital city centres and regional test centres that were unable to operate in Test Windows 2 and 3 in Test Window 4.

Capital Cities - 2020

Test Centre Window 1 Window 2 Window 3 Window 4


(did not run)


(to be advised)

Brisbane DNR TBA
Canberra DNR TBA
Darwin DNR TBA
Hobart DNR TBA
Melbourne DNR TBA
Sydney DNR TBA

Regional locations - 2020

Test Centre Window 1 Window 2 Window 3 Window 4
Albury/Wodonga** DNR DNR TBA
Armidale DNR TBA
Bathurst DNR TBA
Newcastle DNR DNR TBA
Parramatta/Granville DNR DNR TBA
Wagga Wagga DNR TBA
Wollongong DNR DNR TBA
Ballarat DNR DNR TBA
Geelong DNR TBA
Mildura DNR TBA
Albury/Wodonga** DNR DNR TBA
Gold Coast DNR DNR TBA
Rockhampton DNR TBA
Sunshine Coast DNR DNR TBA
Townsville DNR TBA

** either Albury or Wodonga will be offered

Test centre addresses and session times

All test centres are located in the town or city centre. Those located in the city centre are easily accessible by public transport. Test centre addresses will be released approximately one week prior to the start of the relevant test window. The full test centre address will be displayed on your test admission ticket. Test centre addresses cannot be released any earlier for security reasons.

The test will be available at the following times:

Session Indicative Reporting Time*** Indicative Completion Time***
AM Session 1 (Literacy/Numeracy) 7:30AM 10:00AM
AM Session 2 (Literacy/Numeracy) 10:30AM 1:00PM
PM Session 3 (Literacy/Numeracy) 1:30PM 4:00PM
PM Session 4 (Literacy/Numeracy) 4:30PM 7:00PM

***The reporting and test completion time may vary slightly according to test centres. Please check your admission ticket for the exact reporting time. You should allow at least 2 ½ hours from the time of registration for all testing procedures to be completed for each test component. 

Test session bookings

Test centres operate to a staggered schedule and not all test centres will operate on every day of the test window. A list of available session times will be shown on the test registration site. You will be asked to select your preferred test centre, test date(s) and session time when you complete your online registration for the test. Additional test sessions may be added to some test centres during the relevant test window registration period if there is high demand.

You can select your test session(s) to occur on the same day (including consecutive AM or PM sessions), or across multiple days. You can also sit the literacy and numeracy tests separately during different test windows. Test centres will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so you are advised to register early. If you are unable to book a place due to a test centre being filled to capacity on your preferred test dates, you may wish to register for remote proctoring.

Important test centre booking conditions

You can change your test centre booking from the list of available session times during the relevant test window registration period.

Note that it is not possible to change your test session booking after the close of registrations for the test window. All test centre session bookings at the close of the registration period are final and confirmed. When you book a test centre session, a seat is allocated to you for the exact test day and session you booked.

You should take into account your personal circumstances and availability prior to registering for the test and selecting your test session(s).

It is not possible to change test session bookings due to personal circumstances or misadventure on your scheduled test day(s). For example, if you book a morning session, it is not possible to request changing to an afternoon session, or to a session on another day during the test window. Additionally, test centre session bookings cannot be deferred to future test windows.

Please note that test centre sessions may have to be cancelled at short notice in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions. In such an event, ACER will contact and offer affected candidates a full refund or the opportunity to sit the test via remote proctoring where operationally feasible in the same test window.            

Please also view the detailed test delivery information for sitting the test at a test centre prior to registering for the test.