Test centres

If you are registered to sit the test at a test centre, you should arrive at the reporting time stated on your Admission Ticket. If you report to the centre after all candidates have been seated, you may not be admitted. No latecomers can be admitted once the test has started.  The exact reporting address of your test centre will be stated on your Admission Ticket which will be available to you approximately one week before the start of the test window.  Test centre addresses cannot be released any earlier for security reasons.

When you report for the test, you MUST bring:

Before reporting for the test you are advised to eat a meal. Depending on the time of your designated test session, you may also wish to eat a small snack. You will not be allowed to take any hot food or drink, other than bottled water, into the test room. Please note that for safety purposes, bottled water must be placed at the front of the test room during the test sitting.

The test consists of two components: literacy and numeracy. The duration of each test component is 2 hours (including a short tutorial at the beginning of each test component). Care should be taken when making return travel arrangements to allow adequate time at the test centre.

You should allow at least 2 ½ hours from the time of registration for all testing procedures to be completed for each test component. 

To avoid disturbing other candidates, please note that it is not possible to leave the literacy or numeracy test component in the last 10 minutes of the test session. 

If you have booked consecutive test sessions, you may leave the test centre after the first test component and return to complete the second test session. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are present at the test centre at the reporting time for each test component you have booked.  If you report to the test centre after the reporting time, you may not be admitted to the test session. No latecomers can be admitted once the test has started.  There is no penalty, other than the loss of your fee, if you register but do not turn up for the test.

Test centre facilities and procedures

The test will be administered under secure test conditions which will be strictly enforced at all times.  For test security reasons, only candidates are permitted to be in the waiting area and test vicinity.

You may use the bathroom during the test time, but this will not be permitted in the last ten minutes of the test session. No additional time will be granted for bathroom breaks.

Some test centres can be difficult to heat or cool. To avoid being too cold or too hot, it is recommended to wear layers, which will allow you to adjust to your own comfort level.

If you have any general accessibility or mobility concerns, please advise ACER at the time of registration so that appropriate management plans can be put in place with the test supervision staff at the test centre. 

If you wish to query a particular test question on the day of the test you should alert the supervisor of your concern. Queries will be reviewed by ACER.

Any queries and concerns relating to the testing venue or physical discomfort suffered should be reported immediately to the test supervisor on the test day. Please also contact ACER by email as soon as practicable after the test day, so the issue can be addressed without delay, and within the test window that you registered for.