After the test

When will I receive my results?

Please refer to Results page for the dates for release of results for the respective test windows.

Results for the test will be available via your online candidate account at You will receive an email notification when your results are available to download from your online candidate account.

Results from all previous test windows can also be accessed via your ACER candidate account.

How do I interpret my results statement?

You will receive a statement of results for each test component that you have completed.

Your results statement will indicate if you have met the minimum standard of personal literacy and numeracy expected of a prospective teacher, which is broadly equivalent to the top 30 per cent of the adult population.

You can also view the guidelines for interpreting your statement of results on the results page and the described proficiency scales. 

What is the pass mark for the test?

As the questions in each test administration vary to ensure test integrity, the exact number of questions a candidate must answer correctly to meet the standard also varies. Results for each test administration are determined based on the standard required, irrespective of the version of the test administered. As a result, it is not possible to provide the number of questions or a percentage figure needed to meet the standard.

Can I appeal my test results?

ACER will not enter into appeals against the test results. Please be advised that results are released only after careful calculation and extensive checking.

Requests for re-marking will not be considered. Please view the Appeals page for more information. 

How was the top 30 per cent of the adult population established?

The test applies a standard broadly equivalent to that achievable by the top 30 per cent of the adult population. The standard in the test has been determined by reference to existing frameworks for adult competency in literacy and numeracy, in particular the Australian Core Skills Framework and the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies. Literacy and numeracy specialists provided their expertise in the development of the test and in setting the standard for the test.

Are my results transferrable if I move to a different higher education provider to complete my initial teacher education program?

Yes. A student only needs to demonstrate that they have met the standard once and the results are transferrable. You should check with your higher education provider about how your test results have been stored with your academic records. You can also download your test results statements from your online candidate account at any time.

Will my test results expire?

No, test results do not expire. You only need to demonstrate you have met the standard once.

How do I find out my ACER test ID number?

If you need to find out your test ID number, you can login to your online candidate account at and view your test registration history. Your test ID number is your candidate registration ID. Please note that you may have more than one test ID number if you have sat the test at multiple test windows as you receive a new number for each test window.

Can I register to get a job as a teacher if I haven't passed the test?

Some states and territories also require successful test results to register or be employed as a teacher. You should contact the teacher regulation authority in your state or territory to confirm their requirements. The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership website provides links to the state and territory teacher registration authorities.