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Results are released approximately one month after the close of the test window in which you sat the test. You will receive an email notification when your results are available to download from your online candidate account.

Your report will indicate if you have met the minimum standard of personal literacy and numeracy expected of a prospective teacher, which is broadly equivalent to the top 30 per cent of the adult population.

As the questions in each test administration vary to ensure test integrity, the exact number of questions a candidate must answer correctly to meet the standard also varies. Results for each test administration are determined based on the standard required, irrespective of the version of the test administered. As a result, it is not possible to provide the number of questions or a percentage figure needed to meet the standard.

You will receive a statement of results for each test component that you have completed. You can view the following guide on how to interpret your statement of results for the test.

Results for the May, August, October and November 2016 test windows have been released to candidates and higher education providers. To access your results, please log into your online account at

Results for the first test window in February/March 2017 have been released.  

Please note, when you register to sit the test, you agree to ACER providing your individual test results to you, your higher education provider, tertiary admissions centres, relevant teacher regulatory authorities and, in a de-identified form, to the Australian Government Department of Education and Training (the department). ACER will not disclose your individual test results to any other third party, unless as otherwise authorised or required by law.

Some states and territories also require successful test results to complete your final practicum or to register and be employed as a teacher. Your higher education provider is required to pass on your results to the relevant teacher regulatory authorities. If you have graduated from an initial education program and have sat the test for registration purposes, the teacher regulatory authorities can verify your results with ACER. You should contact the teacher regulation authority in your state or territory to confirm their requirements.  The Australasian Teacher Regulatory Authorities website ( provides links to the state and territory teacher registration authorities.

ACER and the department may disclose de-identified and aggregated test results to confirm the test is fit for purpose for national use from 2016 and to inform future education policy direction.

Important note: It is not possible to change your personal details on your statement of results after test results have been released for the relevant test window. This includes changing your name, DOB or higher education provider. Please ensure that you notify ACER of any changes prior to your test session. 

Further details on the disclosure of your personal information can be found on our Privacy Statement.

Latest news

Results for the first test window in February/March 2017 have been released.

Registrations for the May/June test window are now open and will close at 5pm AEST on Tuesday 2 May 2017. The test window will be held from Wednesday 24 May to Tuesday 6 June 2017.

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