Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment

For policy matters relating to the test including eligibility, please contact and refer to:



ACER Teacher Test Office

For general enquiries regarding test administration matters, please contact:


T: +61 3 9277 5795

The ACER Teacher Test Office remains operational and is following the guidance of the Australian government health authorities regarding the COVID-19 situation to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone. Many of our staff are now working from home. As such, please contact our office by emailing us at

Registered candidates are advised to use the messaging function available via the ACER online candidate account.

For appeals regarding your test results, please refer to:

Feedback and complaints

Any feedback or complaint you wish to submit to ACER will be handled on a basis, which is:

· confidential, unless required otherwise by law; and

· professional, including that, the fact of submission will not be of detriment to you in your dealings with ACER.

To submit feedback or a complaint to ACER regarding the conduct of the test, please email the teacher test office at This may be done anonymously, however, should you choose to remain anonymous or not provide relevant information, ACER may not be able to adequately or at all address your feedback or complaint.

ACER will:

· review and respond within a reasonable time; and

· attempt to address satisfactorily any feedback or resolve any complaint at first contact with the teacher test office.

If that is not possible, ACER may in reviewing your matter:

· seek further information and/or

· escalate your matter within ACER.

In any event, you will be given reasons for the outcome of any review.

If your personal information is collected by ACER as part of addressing your feedback or complaint, it will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Statement and the ACER Privacy Policy, which set out your rights in respect of your personal information and how you may pursue them.