The fourth test window of 2017 will be held from Monday 13 November to Sunday 26 November 2017. Please note that the remote proctoring test window will conclude 3 days prior to the end of Test Window 4. You can register to sit the test in a test centre or by remote proctoring.

You will need to register for each test component separately on the registration site. It is your responsibility to ensure you have registered for the test components that you are required to sit.

Please note: it is not possible to switch between test centres or remote proctoring after the close of registrations for the relevant test window.

Registration Period

Registrations for the fourth test window have closed.

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If you sat the test in August or September 2015, as part of LANCR in February 2016, or during any of the 2016 or 2017 test windows, and passed one component of the test, your successful result will stand. You will be able to register for and sit only the component of the test in which you were unsuccessful. For example, if you were successful in the literacy test during one of these sittings but were unsuccessful in the numeracy test, you will only need to register for the numeracy test component.  Please ensure that you register for the correct test component.  If you make an error in selecting your test component, please contact ACER by email immediately.  Changes will not be permitted after the registration closing date.   

The email address which you register with will be used for all communication from ACER, including information on how to access your test Admission Ticket and results.

A registration confirmation will be emailed to your registered email address as soon as you submit your details online. You should read the message carefully as it contains important information about the status of your registration and provides detailed instructions on what to do next. You should also keep a copy of the message for your records.

Important note: It is not possible to change your personal details on your statement of results after test results have been released for the relevant test window. This includes changing your name, DOB or higher education provider. Please ensure that you notify ACER of any changes prior to your test session. 

Please note: Registrations will not be accepted after the closing date for the relevant test window under any circumstances. Candidates should take into account their personal circumstances and availability prior to registering for the test and selecting their test session. Do not register more than once for the relevant test window. You will only be permitted to sit each test component once during any given test window. Registration deferrals to future test windows will not be accepted. If you are no longer able to sit the test in the test window you have registered for, you will need to cancel your test booking before the close of registrations for the test window. You will then need to register and pay for a test sitting once registrations open for a future test window.