Students will have up to three opportunities to sit the test. This provides students with reasonable opportunity to demonstrate that their personal literacy and numeracy skills are equivalent to the top 30 per cent of the adult population.

You only need to demonstrate once that you have met the standard for each test component. Test results from all previous test windows are transferrable and do not expire. If you sat the test and met the standard for one test component, you only need to register for and re-sit the test component that you were unsuccessful in.  

From the first test window in May 2016, you can sit the literacy test three times and the numeracy test three times.  Any other test sittings prior to the May 2016 test window do not count towards your re-sit attempts.  However the results from these sittings are still valid.  For example, if you have successfully passed the literacy or numeracy test as part of the limited implementation which took place in August and September 2015, or as part of the NSW BOSTES’ requirement in February 2016, you will not need to re-sit the test component that you have passed. 

If you do not meet the standard after your first or second attempt, you are advised to talk to your higher education provider to request support to help you reach the standard before registering to sit the test a second or third time.

Additional test attempts

If you have sat the test three times and you have not met the standard, please contact your institution to discuss your options.  As conferring institutions, higher education providers will need to decide whether to graduate a student who has not met the standard of the test.

In special and/or extenuating circumstances, institutions may consider that individual students should be allowed additional test attempts. Higher education providers must provide a formal recommendation in writing to ACER for students in such circumstances, including the reason for requiring an additional test resit, and confirmation of remedial actions that have been put in place for the individual student.

 If you register for a test sitting and do not attend the session you booked, this will not count towards your re-sit attempts.