Admission ticket

Admission Tickets will be released about a week before the start of the test window. You will need to log into your candidate account to access your ticket after it is released.  In order to view the Admission Ticket you are required to complete the photo identification document details in your registration.

This ticket is your permission to attend the test centre or sit the test by remote proctoring.  You should check your Admission Ticket carefully and contact ACER immediately if there are any errors. The details on the Admission Ticket must match the details on the identification document that you will use on the test day. Only your first and last names are required to match and it is not necessary for other names (including middle names) to appear on the Admission Ticket.

You must have your Admission Ticket with you on the test day (a printed or electronic copy).

For test centre candidates:

The Admission Ticket will tell you exactly where and at what time to report on the scheduled day of your test.  If you have booked multiple test sessions (either on the same day or across different days in the test window), the Admission Ticket will list these sessions separately. It will also state your personal details.

For remote proctoring candidates:

Please note: Receiving your Admission Ticket does NOT mean that you have already scheduled your test session with ProctorU.  It is your responsibility to ensure you have scheduled a test session with ProctorU by the deadline.  You must have scheduled a session with ProctorU in order to sit the test. Please go to (external site) to create an account and schedule a test session with ProctorU if you have not already done so.

You will have to log into your ProctorU account at (external site) to sit the test on your scheduled test day.

The Admission Ticket will state your username(s) for your test session. It also states your personal details.

If you present without an Admission Ticket and appropriate photo identification on the test day you will be denied access to the test centre or to complete the test by remote proctoring. Your registration and payment will be forfeited and you will NOT be able to sit the test until the next available test window.