Test-taking strategy

There are two types of questions - selected response (for example, multiple-choice) or short answer.  It is recommended that you work steadily through the test.  It is not advisable that you spend too much time on any one question.

If you think you know the answer to a question, answer it, even if you are not certain. Marks are not deducted for incorrect responses.  Make a note of the question number and return to it later if you have time.

If you do not answer a question, the question number will not be shaded in the navigation bar at the top of the page. By using the navigation bar, the question will be easy to find and return to later if you have time.

For literacy, the test has one section (65 questions). The available time is 120 minutes.

For numeracy only, the test has two sections. It is important not to rush section 1 because you will not be able to return to section 1 once you commence section 2. The total available time is 120 minutes. The estimated time for section 1 (52 questions) is 90-95 minutes. The estimated time for section 2 (13 questions) is 25-30 minutes.

The on-screen calculator

For section 1 of the numeracy test, an on-screen basic calculator is provided. There is considerable variability in the way different calculators function. Registered candidates are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the functionality of the on-screen calculator prior to sitting the numeracy test. The on-screen calculator is available in the Practice Questions via your ACER candidate account.

Personal calculators cannot be used for the test as per the permitted testing aids policy.