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Remote proctoring

Remote proctoring involves sitting the test under live supervision using your own computer in a suitable location with internet connectivity. The period during which you can sit the test by remote proctoring for the May/June 2017 test window is Wednesday 24 May to Saturday 3 June 2017.

If you are registered to sit the test by remote proctoring, you should be seated and ready to begin your test at the time you scheduled your test session. You need to login to your ProctorU account at the scheduled test time.

You must have:

When you connect to the online proctor, your Admission Ticket and photo ID will be checked and your photo will be taken by the proctor.  You will also be asked to use your webcam and mirror or similar reflective device to scan your test room and computer screen to ensure they meet the requirements before you are permitted to start the test.  You may be asked to scan your test room and computer screen again during the test session if your online proctor suspects of any act of misconduct.

Test Room and Technical Requirements

Before your scheduled test session, you must ensure your test room is set up to these requirements:

  • An appropriate workstation on a stable desk.
  • A room that is free from distractions, noise and prohibited materials (no other person including dependent children or animals is permitted in the test room). Additionally, the room cannot have more than one main entry/exit door (cupboard, wardrobe or en-suite doors are excluded). The door must be visible to the proctor and you will be required to scan the entry/exit door of your test room with your webcam.
  • Suitable temperature, lighting and ventilation.

You are advised not to sit the test at public locations such as schools, universities and libraries as the network firewall at these places will likely block your connection to ProctorU, which will prevent you from sitting the test.

You are advised to eat a meal before your scheduled test session. You will not be allowed to have any hot food or drink, other than bottled water or a clear glass of water on your desk.

You can only use one of the following compatible web browsers to sit your test.  Please ensure you have one of these browsers BEFORE your scheduled test session:

Google Chrome (preferred)
Mozilla Firefox

Test Delivery

The test will be administered under secure test conditions which will be strictly enforced at all times.

You may use the bathroom during test time and your identity will be verified and your test room scanned again after the break.  No additional test time will be given.  You will need to ask your online proctor for permission to use the bathroom and this will be recorded in your session report. 

If you wish to query a particular test question on the day of the test you should alert the online proctor of your concern. Queries will be reviewed by ACER.

If you experience any issues (for example, technical or connection problems) during your test session, you should communicate these to your online proctor immediately so that they may be resolved. It is possible that your test session may need to be rescheduled within the test window. If your online proctor cannot resolve your issues, or for any other queries and concerns you may have regarding your test session, please contact ACER by email on the test day so the issue can be addressed without delay.

There will be a full record of your test session which will be submitted to ACER.

Test Scheduling

You are strongly advised to book your test session to occur early in the test window to ensure that there is enough time to reschedule your session, should you experience any genuine misadventure or significant technical problems during your test session.

Once you have made your booking, you will be able to reschedule your test session(s) up to 72 hours before the end of the remote proctoring test window. You can only reschedule remote proctoring test session(s) to occur during the test window you registered for.

Technical Issues

If there are significant and/or unforeseeable technical problems during your test session that cannot be resolved by the online proctor, your session may need to be rescheduled.  Your test session must be rescheduled with the online proctoring provider during the test window you registered for.  Please note it is not possible to reschedule remote proctoring session(s) from one test window to a subsequent test window.

Latest news

Results for the first test window in February/March 2017 have been released.

Registrations for the May/June test window closed at 5pm AEST on Tuesday 2 May 2017. The test window will be held from Wednesday 24 May to Tuesday 6 June 2017.

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